Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT For Setting Priorities Easily


Do you struggle with setting priorities in your life?

Do you have a problem making a decision on which next step in your business is the right one for you?

Do you feel like you are on a mission, but want to go into too many directions at once?


Then you already know that this is not working.

You already know that it is very important for you to solve this problem.

You can’t chase two bunnies, as a famous person once said.

You can’t go into two directions at the same time.

when you feel that you are tying to do this, please remember that you have one mission, one life.

There is a reason why you feel torn, and getting to the underlying message is important.

You will be able to integrate it easily, one you see how it fits into who you truly are.


Let’s tap on speeding up this process:


KP: Even though I feel torn, I have two goals and callings and they don’t seem to match, I completely love and accept myself.

KP: Even though I have this conflict about which direction to go in – I would like to prioritize both at once – I choe to see clearly and easily what connects them both and the power and purpose that they are giving for my future.


KP Even though I feel torn and overwhelmed with these two missions, I choose to take a step back and realize that they are not conflicting but giving new and important meaning to my higher purpose, in a way that I am beginning to see now.


TH: It is such a conflict

IE: It really is!

OE: Both goals seem to be important

UE: It is impossible for me to integrate them both at once

UN: I can’t chose, I wouldn’t do justice to either one of them

UL: I can’t decide which direction I should take

CB: It is such a conflict – I really hate this feeling

UA: I wish that I knew what my next steps truly need to be.

TH: But I honor myself and this conflict I have, and I choose to be open to a surprising solution now.


Take a breath and notice how you feel.


Let’s tap again:


TH: What if there was a connecting piece between my two missions in life?

IE: What if there was something unique and truly meaningful for me?

OE: What if I only had this problem because I am overlooking the deeper meaning of my life

UE: And once I release the belief that I have a problem, I can easily see my next, integrated, powerful steps forward?

UN: I am beginning to open up to the idea that it might be easier than I thought

UL: I am beginning to see the bigger picture of these two conflicting messages

CB: I am beginning to embrace that my life and my mission is truly more unique than I thought

UA: And that once I have chosen to  integrate my conflict in a creative way, I will allow myself to define my mission and message more powerfully than ever before

TH: It is important to me to be authentic and congruent, and I am now integrating all of the thoughts and feelings that co-create who I truly am.


Take another breath. Do you notice a shift around your thoughts and feelings? Do you see how these seemilngly conflicting thoughts are coming together as one?

Good for you! Please email those thought to me, would you please?




And now let’s finish with a last round:


TH: I am beginning to see how the questions I have with one of my missions are being answered in the other one

IE: I am beginning to see and embrace the deeper level of liviing that this allows me to enjoy

OE: I am now ready and comfortable integrating all of me, even if it feels like a conflict in the beginning

UE: And to enjoy the reality that my true message and mission is unique and just mine

UN: I am now seeing that I can easily embrace my true calling

UL: And find an effective and authentic way to monitize my passion.

CB: I deeply enjoy the Balance I am creating with my conflict

UA: And I am now grateful that I can see my life and my future in more than one way

TH: it is powerful and amazing to be able to live my life so fully, integrating my former conflict more powerfully than I ever thought possible. Thank you for this new meaning and message in my life.


Take another deep breath.

Can you now feel the shift? Can you see how you can actually integrate the conflict you had?

So often, when we try too hard to focus on one thing, and struggle with finding the right strategies and solutions, we ignore that the answers might be easily visible when we find the deeper meaning in what seemed to be a conflict in the past.

Have an open mind, keep journaling your thoughts, “bright shiny objects” and conflicts.

Take a deeper look at them, and they will unveil their mystery and deeper truth.


Please do leave a comment or send me an email with your discoveries!
I can’t wait to hear from you! 



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