What If They Say "No"?

Yes, no matter how good you are, no matter how important and relevant your services are, how passionate you feel about the work that you do and the difference that it makes in people’s lives, most people will still say “No, thank you” to working with you.

It’s not just some people, it is MOST people.

I know how hurtful and frustrating this can be, to hear your ideal clients say “No, thank you, not right now.” to the opportunity to work with you.

“If only they knew what I can do for them” is one of the biggest frustrations that many coaches experience as they reach out to get more clients.

They feel so passionate about their work and helping others, that it is almost personal when a potential client says “No, Thank You.”


And they often begin to struggle with those old abandonment and rejection issues that can get triggered when we don’t feel welcomed.

They feel lonely, silly, at a loss of words.

And the more they hear the dreaded “No, Thank You.” the more they take it to heart, take it personal.


What most people forget to see is, that they themselves say “No, Thank You” to most offers that people make to them.

Do you buy everything somebody offers?

Do you reach for the phone as soon as a commercial shows up on TV?

Do you get excited about investing lots of money as soon as a person, technique or offer seems enticing?

Of course not!


You also make choices. You decide every day wether something is for you or not.

Is this the right time, the right price, the right package for you? These are very important considerations for you as well.


Understand why they say “No”

And of course, most of these choices are not just about the offers that you are presented with.

Instead you take your whole life into account:

You reflect if it is the right time to make the purchase.

Does this offer have value for you right now?

Is the problem it solves a priority for you right now, or just something nice to have?

Are you personally invested into getting results, or does the offer come at the wrong time?

Is it just another “bright, shiny object”, or truly your next logical step?


There are so many factors that might impact a decision to work with you.

The most important one is to show up at the right time.

Show up in your client’s life at the time they truly need you.

Show up with an offer that is insightful and shows that you truly understand the situation.

Show up repeatedly, understanding that your clients are not waiting for you to come.

Develop a relationship

Most people need to be approached 9-12 times before they make a decision, before they open your email, before they understand that help is available.

You have to be there for them as they are going through that process.

Let them know you care.

Let them know you understand.

Let them know you have their back, and don’t hard sell them into working with you.

Represent your vision and your values every step along the way.


There are many different ways that you can show up in somebody’s life.

The 1:1 personal connection is always the best way to help them get to know like and trust you.


Is working with this client important enough to you to invest the time and energy to stay in contact with this client?

If so, then your chances to be there at the right time, the time when your client is ready to make a move on the problem you can help with, will be very high.


If you truly believe that you have a great value to offer to a client, don’t give up on him or her just because they don’t need you at the time you first connect.

Instead, build a great relationship that helps them to get to know, like and trust you, connect with them in different ways over the course of time, and build your connection and reputation around your brand and your values.

And most importantly: Never believe that people say “No” to you personally.

Just as you have the right to say “No” to most offers you receive, either because the timing, product or price point aren’t a good fit for you right now, so can and will your potential clients in the beginning.

If you take people’s saying “No” to your offer personally, please consider working with a trained EFT practitioner and tap those triggers away!


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