There Are Cycles In Your Business

I just got off the call with my coach Monica Shah.

We talked about planning out the next year (I have some VERY exciting stuff planned, please stay tuned!).

And we also talked about the ups and downs in building a business.

When people first start getting out there, they are motivated, excited, they can’t wait to tell their friends and family all about what they are planning to do. They see “low hanging fruit” everywhere, the people who have been wanting to work with them all along, the meetings they have thought for years to attend, the important connections they had forever and never really used.

Then they get serious.

They think about their offer.

They think about their exact market.

They think about programs, and pricing, and offers.

As long as they think about it and plan it, it seems clear and logical.

There is a sense of safety there, understanding that they really have value to offer.

“Now I get it!” They say. “Now I understand what I am doing and how they will benefit!”

They are ready to go and move forward with optimism.


But then the roadblock hits them:

The person they were SO sure would say “Yes” said said “No.”

The person they trusted would support them all the way changed her mind and is not available anymore.

The meeting they always wanted to attend to get clients proved to be a flop.

The doors slam shut, and there is no place to go.


All of a sudden, the excitement, the positivity, the optimism disappears.

Gone. Done.


“I don’t think I can do this!” is the first response.

“It’s impossible. I need a different product.

I need a different market.

I need something else.

What can I do?”


While there was hope and open doors before, a sense of independence, of adventure and of pride in being so courageous, there is now discouragement, stuckness, fear and regret.

“I should have never started this!” is now the theme of the day.

“I don’t know what I was thinking!”

“I thought that with the right support I can do this, but I am not getting what I need to be successful.”


The truth is that building a business goes through phases, and it is good to know what to expect:

There are times when you move forward, get lots of contracts and lots of support come and go.

There are times when discouragement, fear and discouragement set in, when nothing seems to go, no matter how hard you try.


People who don’t know that these phases are to be expected quit at that moment.

They believe that they just didn’t get it right and that it’s them, or the plan, or the market, or the economy, or whatever else there might be to blame.


So I’d like to tell you: It’s NOT you!

When you are good at what you do, love doing your work and know that with the right clients you can get great results for them, then it is NOT you.

Not to say that your strategies don’t need to be tweaked and adjusted when something doesn’t work for you.

But it’s NOT you.

It is part of building a business.

That’s right:

Building a business works in phases, just like building up strength and stamina to do a marathon does.

There are times when you will grow quickly, and times when you will plateau.

Don’t be afraid of this!

Expect it!

It will happen, wether you like it or not.

So why not just like it, expect it and move forward anyways?


This is when working with a coach is crucial. Someone who has your back, who supports you, who doesn’t judge you.

Someone who has been there, and can show you the next logical steps to success.

Someone who helps you get unstuck and celebrates your successes, while holding you accountable for your progress.

And you want to have a group of like minded people who are going through the same thing with you.

They are called a Mastermind.

And when you are serious about building a thriving business, having this kind of support is essential.


I have a limited number of openings in my next Mastermind program.

And I’d like to talk with you about this, if you are serious about moving forward in your business.


The first step is to sign up for a free Success Strategy Session.

Please use this link to sign up for your free, 20 minute Success Strategy Session now!


I can’t wait to talk with you in person!

Here’s to your success!






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