Why Your Business Goes Sideways

There are times when you try to convince yourself that you have been working hard.

You are spending lots of hours at your desk, dealing with projects, thinking of ways to improve what you do.

However, at the end of the week, you have to admit to yourself that your business didn’t grow as a result of your actions.

You were busy, with no effect on your bottom line.

What happened?

When you take a good look at what you were actually doing, you find that you were mostly talking to friends on Facebook, instead of getting clients on Facebook.

You were updating the colors of your blog, instead of planning your next launch.

You were working on your next exciting program plans, instead of getting the word out and selling the one you already have in place.

You were creating just another spreadsheet instead of creating the right actions to bring in more income and the right kind of movement in your business.

In short: You’re doing work that doesn’t help your business grow, it makes your business go sideways.


No Shame!

First I want you to know that there is truly no shame in that!

Everybody is “guilty” of doing busy work at some point in their business.

Everybody can and will get sidetracked, no matter how good they usually are at focussing on what they need to be doing.

Sometimes, life just takes over, redirects your focus and you might not even be aware of this when it happens.

We have all been there, trust me, and we will be there again :-).

It is just important to see what cycle you are in and interrupting it.


What to do to keep momentum and focus

When you are on a roll, and creating income as a result: keep rolling!

Stick to your plan as good as you can, measure your results and keep track of them.

Nothing’s broken, so don’t fix it!


Take A Break!

When you feel small and discouraged, take a break!

I don’t’ mean lean back in your chair for a sip of coffee, I mean a REAL break!

Shut down the computer!

Nothing will happen online that is going to change your life right now.

No email will turn everything around for you.

No Facebook friend is going to give you the solution for your struggles.

Just be OK with that, and go.

Leave the office, your desk, and the house.

Take a walk in the woods, or an area that allows you to relax, if possible.


Chances are, you haven’t done this in a while, am I right?

Chances are you haven’t really thought about what YOU want, vs what you think you should want for your business.

You may not even know what you are thinking and feeling, as you are so overwhelmed with all that is coming towards you now.


So take a break, and just honor that.

Owning what you feel is an important part of being in business.

Being connected to your big dream, and experiencing that feeling of freedom that your work is really the manifestation of your dream for your future, is a wonderful, powerful thing.

Own who you are, and stop looking at the things that don’t work right now.


Reconnect with who you became

I have a client who, from day one, has implemented every single step we talked about.

Whatever we discussed, she was right on it.

She loved having direction, taking action and seeing progress.

At some point, the foundation for her business was laid.

She was clear on her niche and market, her pitch, message and mission.

She had her packages, her branding her website and her newsletter in place.

She was out there speaking and creating momentum.


But the big clients weren’t coming.

She was waiting for something to happen now, but it didn’t show up.

She got disheartened, and all of a sudden, instead of keeping the momentum going, everything she did came from a sense of desperation and the fear that, no matter how hard she worked, it would not bring her the results she wanted.

However, when we takes about it, it became clear that her inner vision didn’t grow as quickly as the steps she put into action.

She couldn’t see herself consistently getting referrals from the referral partners she knew.

She couldn’t see herself having a consistent stream of wonderful clients who were determined to work with her and get the results she wanted.


Now, after the hard beginners work was done, she drew a blank when it came to creating her future.

This is the time to stop and smell the roses.

This is the time to make an active, positive “date night” with ourselves.


Feel what you feel and know what you think

Feeling what we feel, and allowing ourselves to grow into that bigger version of who we can be now, because of the work we have done.

Sometimes, we have to catch up with ourselves and create that new, inner image of our greatness in our business and life.

We have to feel ourselves again, realizing that we are indeed the center of our own universe, and that we now have the freedom to decide what we want to do with our future.

This time to stop and make a date with ourselves is just as important, and takes just as much focus, as the time when we  network and talk to others.

We need to know what we are actually think and feel, not just what we think we should be feeling.

Cherish ourselves for how far we have come.

Forgive ourselves for watching youtube videos when our next step seemed too scary or too far away.

We all have these moments when we just need to reconnect and catch up with who we became.

Taking that time will help us stop tracks that aren’t working and put us back on the road of success.


Please share your feedback about this below.

And remember that I am always here to talk with you about your success strategies, your dreams and goals!


  1. Elsa on November 19, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    Thanks, Ingrid,

    I’m not actually building a business. I’m looking for work, and have found a few places to apply, but am dawdling about polishing my resume and sending it in. It’s like I want to stop being afraid, before I do anything, even though I know that’s not realistic.

  2. Elsa on November 19, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    This is just what I’m going through now. I don’t have my own business – I’ve just completed the training to be an ESL teacher. I’m excited about it, I love it, and I think I’ll be good at it. I even have some tutoring students. But I find that it’s hard to think of myself as a teacher, at this age: when most of my friends are looking at retirement, I’m looking at finally taking my place in the world. It’s an identity switch, though, that I’m finding difficult to make.

    • Ingrid Dinter on November 19, 2013 at 2:15 pm

      Great point Elsa.
      Other than the identity switch, what else are you struggling with? Building a business requires much more than passion and skills. Please let me know!

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