The Art Of Taking Responsibility

One thing I noticed about successful people is, that they always take responsibility for where they are in their life and business.

They don’t play the “blame game”, they don’t assume that the world is just against them and there is nothing they can do.

They usually have done a fair amount of mindset work to be able to move past their fears.

They have done quite a bit of training and coaching.

They have asked for help and support.

But most importantly: When something happens in their life or business, they own it.


Why taking responsibility Is the first step to freedom

You may ask: But what if what happened isn’t their fault?

What if someone else did them wrong?

What if others have bad intentions and wanted to hurt them?

Yes, these things happen every day.

People and circumstances influence us every day

Stuff happens, and there might not be much we can do sometimes.


But successful people don’t feel that circumstances can victimize them.

They don’t believe that things happen completely out of their control.

They see how there is a cause and effect between the things we do and the things that are caused by what we do.


Whose permission do you need to be happy?

Successful people create their own happiness.

Unsuccessful people believe that their happiness depends on other people.

The difference is in the mindset:

As long as you believe that other people have control over your life and feelings, they do.

As long as you believe that you can’t control your own decisions because they don’t depend on you: You’re right.

How often are we holding on to the belief that we can’t be happy unless someone else changes, apologizes or takes responsibility for wrong doing?

These kind of thoughts can cost you your life!

You may be waiting and waiting for that one sentence, that one gesture or apology for years to come.

It may never come.

And even if it came, it might not feel the way you need it to feel.

You have waited all your life for that person to apologize, and now they do, and it doesn’t feel grand.

What a waste of time!

Think about all the other amazing things you could have done with your life instead of waiting for an apology.


Not that you didn’t’ deserve it, but is it really worth waiting for it for years?

Unsuccessful people decide that it is worth their precious lifetime to wait for others to change before they themselves take action.

Successful people decide that it is not worth their time.

They take responsibility for how they feel, take action around the issue that is holding them back, and claim their power back.

They understand that whatever happens in their own life is something they can change.

They refuse to be a victim of people or circumstances.

They learn and grow.

They do what they need to do t move forward.

And they celebrate their success and their freedom because they know how hard it was to get there.

You can do this, too.

Think about a person who is holding you back from being successful.

Own your beliefs and feelings.

Do whatever you can to work on your own behalf, not against them, not to teach them a lesson, but simply because you decided to never be a victim again.

Put a victorious smile on your face, acknowledging that they may never recognize that you have changed without their knowing.

And if they don’t know that you have moved on, they can’t hold you back.

Easy 🙂

Go give it a try and take responsibility for your happiness.

The power of your success and satisfaction might surprise you.


Here’s to you!



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