Why The Law Of Attraction Will Keep You Broke

The other day, I read something very touching on facebook:

Somebody had asked: Please post what you want to attract today.


The answers kept pouring in:

$ 5000.- from unexpected sources!

Perfect health!

10 new clients!

Consistent income!

Loosing 10 pounds!


It went on and on and I began to wonder, if these posters were serious about what they said.

If you want to loose 10 pounds, there is a way to do that, and it most likely requires a combination of diet and exercise.

If you want to attract 10 new clients, then how do they know that you are available to work with them? Are you marketing your offers? Do you even have offers?

Perfect health requires commitment to great lifestyle choices, not just commitment to the law of attraction.

Over the following days, nobody reported any success. Nobody had “attracted” $5000.-, or lost 10 pounds. Nothing had happened, nothing had changed, after they declared publicly that they had big goals and dreams.

So if they had no intention to do what it takes to reach their dreams, why were they posting them on facebook, for everybody to see?

Remember: When we rely on just thinking about what we want, without taking any action to get it, then the Law of Attraction will match the energy of our unwillingness to do what it takes to succeed.

Can you see how this makes sense?

My Story

In 2010, I knew I needed to change.

l had been volunteering the majority of my time to my EFT work with Veterans, and my business hardly brought in any income. I knew that I had to make decisions, learn what I didn’t know and do whatever I had to do to take this situation around.

I began to take trainings and go to conferences where people gathered and shared their knowledge, who really too their business.

Suzanne Evans

One of the first, and also most life changing experiences was with Suzanne Evans, who just did her second live event “Be the Change.”

If it wasn’t for Suzanne, I would have never had the courage to hire my first coach, to take the steps I needed to take and to create that 6 figure business that I have today.

So it is with pride and gratitude that I am inviting you to join her newest free of charge video, an  experience that I know will change your life.

Here is the link:



  1. Summer on December 22, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    I was very touched by your youtube video on making the decision. I am at an important crossroad in my life and am very confused about what to do, how to do it-this is dangerously close to incapacitating! I have a PhD in Biochem, an MD, just moved to San Francisco from Cleveland to do a public psychiatry fellowship. I just saw an intuitive psychic who told me that I really need to be honoring all of my self, on my own, with a private practice/creative business. How do I get help for this?

    • Ingrid Dinter on January 7, 2014 at 3:29 pm

      Hi Summer, I’d love to talk with you. Would you be interested in a free 20 minute strategy consultation? please contact me at [email protected] to set up a time. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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