Why being amazing can keep you stuck

Many people struggle with the idea of not being good enough to charge for their services.

But I also see a different phenomenon quite frequently:

People who actually know that they are amazing.

But they still can’t move forward. They are still stuck.

When I talk to them, they tell me how wonderful their life is.

They are full of enthusiasm about the great work that they are doing.

They are passionate about the value of what they offer, and their intuitive and personal abilities.


So why are they stuck?

But at the same time, they don’t step up and offer their services in a business like way.

They  often want to be discovered by influential people who help them get paid, instead of taking their life into their own hands.

And when we get down to what might be going on for them, they realize that they now feel inadequate.

All of a sudden, the excitement about their work and value is deflating into quite the opposite.


What is going on here?

I would like to introduce a thought that may or may not resonate with you:

As long as we are surrounded by people who know less than we do, it is easy to feel confident and powerful.

But we are at risk of measuring our self worth in relation to the people and circumstances that surround us.

We feel “better than” or “not as good as…” .

The higher your own vibration, the higher the vibration of the people surrounding you, remember? As we grow, we see more and more people who are actually at least as capable as we are, hopefully even better.

The Good News

Loosing that feeling of uniqueness and “being amazing at something” is actually a good thing. It shows that you are growing quickly, and are now seeing people you weren’t able to see before.

 The Bad News

But it also gives a huge hit to the ego that was so proud of you for having come this far. It can feel humbling and vulnerable, and for some people downright threatening to admit that we are not that unique after all.

Yes, me too…

I happily admit that I have experienced this myself, and I had to sit myself down hard to understand what was actually going on there. As I was growing and changing, I realized that my new friends and colleagues, the people began to attract into my life, were a different caliber than many of the people that I had known before.

They were different

I attracted more and more powerful healers and successful business people, into my life, women and men who did huge amounts of personal work. They invested into their businesses on a level unknown to me until then. They continuously learned and studied and did the work they needed to do to get to where they wanted to be.

All of a sudden I felt small

The fact that others did so much more than me to create their dream life was indeed humbling to me. Until then, a part of me had believed that being really good at what I do would somehow automatically lead to more success. Now I saw that if I truly wanted more, I had to make shifts that were scary and overwhelming. But if I kept doing what I was doing, I would not be able to get much further. This was clear to me, wether I liked it or not – and I can share with you that in the beginning, I truly didn’t like this reality all that much.

I had a decision to make

Was I going to continue to feed my ego with the amazing results that my clients were getting due to the work we did, and hope that I would somehow “attract” the change I wanted?

Or was I going to explore what those who had what I wanted actually did to get it, risking that the reality of this would make me uncomfortable?

I knew that I didn’t really have a choice.

The reality was obvious:

In order to grow, I had to let go of any preconceived notion of accomplishment and greatness, which only existed on the level I was getting ready to leave. It was time to begin to study what else was necessary to reach my goals.

I had to invest (yes, there’s that scary word…) into myself and my business.

I had to become vulnerable before myself, my family and my friends, admitting that I needed help and support, just like everybody else.

I had to surrender to the power of my goals and dreams.

Yes, it wasn’t a choice. It was obvious: I could either give up and quit, or bite the bullet and embrace the changes and investments that it took to gain new momentum.

Don’t get intimidated when people are better than you!

As you grow, you will find more and more people who already have what you want. As you learn from them, you will find that they already see you for who you can be.

– They lift you up to their level and support you on your journey.

– They want you to be just as successful as they are.

– They talk with you on their level, giving you the acknowledgement you deserve for the path you have already walked.

They see you. They love you. They see themselves in you.

Therefore, they support you and want the best for you. Their accomplishments give you proof that you, too can have what you want. If they can do it, you can do it!

So instead of feeling small and stuck when people around you are all of a sudden intimidatingly successful, understand and embrace that your new community is actually just living proof for how far you have come.

You are amazing.

Don’t stop before you reached the finish line!


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