Coming out from hiding

I haven’t been posting for a while.

And the reason is that I went through a major transformation this past year, and I had no idea where I would end up as a result.

I didn’t know what I was going to do, and what my life would look like.

I needed privacy to get it sorted out and reevaluate where I am now.


A lot has happened behind the scenes, and I have decided to step back up and share it with you.

Some of this might surprise you, some of it you might have already heard, if you follow me on Facebook.

I know that this past year has been a powerful one for many other people as well, and I am hoping that my posts will encourage others to just own where they are at right now as well.


Sometimes, who we are is so clearly visible to others, and so much hidden from our own sight.

We wonder what’s special about us, we are hiding what we think is wrong with us, or develop all sorts of procrastination mechanisms to not have to step up and take our place.

And then one day, we wake up and realize, that we have never been invisible.

We have been hiding in plain sight, and the people we thought we were hiding from were noticing that we were hiding.


It’s actually quite funny: We can’t hide without people noticing that we are doing it.

And the most powerful thing is that they are most often not judging us for it, just observing.

I think the truth is that most people think a whole lot less about us, what we do, why we do it and who we are, than we think they do.

We can be so afraid of judgment, so afraid to make a mistake.

The biggest mistake is to not do what is right at this moment.

We can always course correct.

We can always apologize for making a mistake.

People get it. They understand.

They most likely don’t even think much about it, as we all are in the same boat here.


It is so very much OK to do things that are less than optimal.

It really is.

Why do we care so much about what we think what others think?


That’s actually a question, and I’d love to get your thought and feedback as a comment below.

What exactly are we really thinking, when we decide to hide?


Anyways, you will hear a lot more from me in the future.

There is so much to share and give, and I can’t wait to do this with you.


Love and hugs to you


IngridComing out from hiding


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