Let your niche find you

When speaking to new coaches, I usually notice how hard it is for them to clearly define what their “niche” could be.

I have seen tears, fear, overwhelm, anger, frustration, resentment, entitlement, sadness, and all sorts of blocks, including deservingness, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of money,… come up.

And for full disclosure, I can SO relate to this from my personal experience!

What do you stand for?

What is your point of view?

And what do you have to offer that people would actually like to have and pay for?

When you are in business for a while, you have gained experience and gathered feedback about the quality and value of your work and services.

But as a relative newbie, how could you possibly say with authority what makes you stand out from the crowd?


Can you start a business without having a niche?

People say that you can’t make money unless you have a niche.

So does this mean that you can’t start a business before you aren’t clear?

No, it does not.

You see, your niche is where you can be the most relevant.

It reflects what makes you special and unique.

People want to follow you when you have a story to prove your point of view.

They like you and want to learn more from you when you are more than book smart, and instead have your personal experiences to support what you say.


A great way to find your niche

Think about three events in your life that have really taught you an important lesson.

What did you learn?

How did you learn it?

What did it feel like to learn this?

What is the message that you can share with others as a result of the experiences you had?


Work through these three events and get really clear what they have inn common.

Did they make you more resilient?

Did they make you feel smaller than you are?

Did they make you realize how powerful you are.


If you are not clear about the messages in your stories, ask a friend to listen to you while you tell them.

Then get their feedback.

What did they hear you say?

What stood out?

What did they not like so much?

How do these stories fit into the picture that they already had from you?


These kind of exercises are gold.

They truly are an amazing way to learn quickly what makes you special to others.

And then just go and start telling this stories.

Get short speaking gigs where you talk about your experiences and what you have learned.

Collect feedback from strangers.

Fine tune your speech.



The courage to keep going will pay off

In no time, you will discover your niche, the group of people who benefit the most from your unique experiences and skills, and what you can offer them that has value and relevance for them.

Please don’t quit when you get uncomfortable.

Don’t get discouraged when you feel that you are not perfect yet.

Perfection comes with practice and support.

Decide that you will actually go out and speak, and that you are committed to getting the feedback that you need.


You can do it!

You will see that your niche will find you, and they will love you for who you are.

There are lots of people who need you right now.

It will change your life as much as it will change theirs.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this!


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