Breast Cancer Survival: My Thanksgiving Note to Friends

On Thanksgiving 2014, in the midst of a snowstorm that knocked out power and put our turkey dinner at risk, I decided to share with my Facebook community what I had kept quiet for a while. I wanted to be able to focus on healing and get some results before I stepped out there, talking about Breast cancer healing and the mindset that I found helpful to support the holistic healing path for myself, that included both western medicine, hormone therapy and oncology, as well as a very intense holistic and mental-emotional program.

I was, as I shared before, a bit hesitant to talk about this on my blog, as I have been using it for my Business coaching trainings and EFT Tapping Trainings. And of course I intend to continue to do this, as it is what I do and love.

It is just time to put this part of who I am out there as well, as it certainly impacts who I am, how I live, what I teach and what I believe in. I just want you to know this about me, so that you can decide better if I am right for you at this time.

Open book. Always 🙂

Healing from Breast Cancer

Something very special to be grateful for:
The day before Thanksgiving 2004, I had breast cancer surgery, and we were grateful to celebrate with dear friends.
In 2014, I have another reason to celebrate: You see, I was diagnosed in June with a cancer recurrence that hadn’t spread but was inoperable. Oncologist recommended hormone therapy and watching tumor marker. I was told that they most likely won’t be able to shrink or cure this, but to control it for a long time.
After getting over the sheer terror of that news, which only cancer survivors can understand, I realized that I had to do my own research, and over time came up with a protocol of life changes that truly left no stone unturned.
It’s the most involved thing I have done in my life and I wrote up my daily schedule, 3 pages of different healing modalities, for my Onc, in case he asks:
“Do you take anything else?” 

Within 2 weeks of the diagnosis, he checked me again and stated in disbelief “This has shrunk by 50%!”
Then we found a tumor marker which in healthy people is between 0-40.
Mine was 114.6.

I continued my healing, different healing and nutritional and also mental emotional practices with my very dear and trusted friends.

I decided not to talk about this with anybody other than a very close circle of friends and healers who were supporting me on my journey. You know who you are, and I love you so very much for all that you have done for me!!!

I knew that I needed to be focussed on healing, not on fear,

and I didn’t want any secondary gain whatsoever, just because this happened. 

I lost 17 pounds in the process and am healthier than I have ever been.

In September, the tumor marker that we were trying to “keep stable for as long as possible” had dropped by almost 2/3 from 114.6 to 43.3!

I added a few other things to my protocol, and two days ago I found out that it is now…drumroll… 22.3!

I am not out of the woods yet and the changes I have been making are certainly permanent.
But the tumors can hardly be found, no pain, no side effects whatsoever other than a bit of hair loss from the hormone therapy.
My doctor was stunned and described this as highly unusual.
And then he said “It seems you’re responding well to the treatment”.
LOL! Which one are we referring to?
The tumors went from 3 cm to barely there 🙂

Please keep me in your prayers. It’s a very good Thanksgiving!

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