Healing Breast Cancer – Making changes to safe my life

Feeling Grateful For Change. For the second time now, the Breast Cancer Tumor Markers came back completely normal. YAY! My Oncologists told me that this can’t be done, that they can only control growth with medication, but not reverse it.

But after implementing a very long list of complementary/alternative therapies in addition to the hormone therapy, my tumor marker went from 114.6 (up to 40 is normal), to 43.3 in 10 weeks, 22.3 in another ten weeks, and this is where it remained at the last check up.
In addition, my doctor couldn’t feel any tumors, while they had been 2-3 cm before. So that’s really, really good news. smile emoticon
And I do want to share with you that my life is nothing what it used to be:

My focus has changed and
My desires have changed.
My resources have changed and
My goals in life have changed
My food has changed, and
My sleep has changed.
My thoughts have changed and
My talk has changed.
My ability to ask for what I need has changed and
My ability to feel vulnerable and open has changed
My detox has changed and
how I oxygenize and alkalize my system on a daily basis has changed.
My work has changed,
My message has changed.
My programs have changed and
My clients have changed
My friends have changed.
My relationship with my family has changed.
My hair has changed, and
My body has changed.
My workout has changed and
My shopping has changed.
My home has changed.
My hobbies have changed.
My goals have changed and
My dreams have changed.
My budget for supplements has changed and
My gardening has changed.
My reading has changed and most of
My daily habits have changed.
My breakfast has changed and my lunch has changed.
My dinner has changed and my snacks have changed.
I am NOT drinking alcohol
I am NOT eating any sugar
I am juicing every day and start my supplements at 6:00am
Everything and anything that made me sick had to change.
This was the one and only priority in my life.

And as a result, my life is full of things that are worth living for, and the things that didn’t work for me had to leave.

My doctor now insists that this can only be a temporary result and I shouldn’t have my hopes up long term.
I think my doctor has to change, too…


  1. Jennifer on March 25, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Ingrid even reading this post is MEDICINE! There is so much hope and possibility here. I am so grateful that you have turned the cancer around entirely and even though your Oncologist is flummoxed by these miracles, you are healthy, stable and I suspect destined to for longevity.
    When I was much younger I once purchased some organic prepared food that had different inspirational messages printed on each label.
    On this particular nori roll it asked the question: “What would you need to give up in order for your life to work?” This question has followed me ever since. I think that what you have written here exemplifies the importance of this question. I also think it adds the second half of the equation which would be: “And what must you add to make it even better?”
    big love to you!

    • Ingrid Dinter on March 25, 2015 at 9:06 pm

      Thank you Jen. YEs, I agree with the nori roll :-). One of my coaches asked once: What are you willing to give up (not just “to do”) to reach your goal?
      I remember passing that question on to some of my clients and found it to be very triggering. We believe that we have to always keep what we have, but giving something up is necessary to get something better. Much loe to you, too!

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