A powerful EFT Story – Community Healing After a Suicide

I’d like to share with you a story that just happened this week to my dear friend David Kanosh. If you have been following me for a while, you know how passionate I am about bringing EFT into communities. When traumatic events happen, when a natural disaster occurs, when a tragic event shakes everybody up, it is so important to have a tool that every adult, every child, every person with or without a background in Mental Health can use to help themselves and those close to them.

David just experienced such a traumatic event, and how EFT made all the difference in the community and everybody impacted by it.

But I let him tell you his story…

David Kanosh

An EFT Moment:

Screams rang out. In a split second, a life ended a couple feet in front of me. A man jumped to his death, from a third story window.

I stood there for a second frozen, unable to process what had happened. A little hand griped my hand. I looked down at this young boy. I picked him up and started running.

We sat down inside. He still held onto my hand and I wasn’t about to let him go. My buds got his name and the name of his parents to go look for them. I kept looking down the hall waiting for his parents to come.

Minutes pased and they seemed like an eternity. Things were still a blur.

Suddenly I realized the karate chop on my hand was being tapped. I felt my fingers being tapped on. I turned to look and saw the young boy that I had picked up and ran with, was tapping on my finger points. “You’re the doctor. This is what you do. Just like you taught us. Will it work?” he asked.

I smiled and told him that it would work. We tapped together for a couple of minutes.

The boys parents came in, picking him up and going away. I got up and continue to tapping.

Announcements by the MC went out about the emergency. A prayer was led and a moment of silence followed.

I instructed my guys to go out into the auditorium to tap along with people. Other people came up asking for me to lead rounds of tapping for this situation. I had presented at the this convention before, so many were familiar with the tapping routine of EFT.

I started to lead everybody in the auditorium through EFT. As I started to lead everyone, in the door came numerous psychologist and psychiatrist whom I had trained personally in a seminar just weeks before about the use of EFT for PTSD and emergencies.

As the doctors came in and took over, I went into a side room with a couple of my best and most trusted tappers. I cried. I gave myself permission to cry. I tapped. I cried.

I left that room to go back into the auditorium. I saw all the people tapping together.

That same young boy who tapped on my fingers, came running over to me and gave me a hug.

I sit here now and still wonder about that man who took his own life. There will be thousands of questions left unanswered. What I do know is that many people started on a journey of healing by tapping.

People ask me why I have such a missionary-like zeal in sharing EFT. If I can just help one more person…

I usually end my posts by typing “It is well”. I want to type that again.

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