10 reasons why companies should hire Veterans

Hiring Veterans is not just a patriotic act or “a way to give back.”

Hiring Combat Veterans successfully is a smart business move, which allows companies to maximize profits by getting access to unique skill sets and training that military veterans bring to the table.

Here are only some reasons why hiring Veterans will benefit your company:

  1. Leadership: Veterans are trained to be highly effective leaders who lead by example, through motivation, delegation and inspiration
  2. Teamwork: Veterans are strong team players who understand that everybody must work together and depend on each other to get the job done. Veterans rely on each other with their life and are 100% accountable to their team mates and leadership.
  3. Ability to meet deadlines and handle stress: Military veterans are trained to perform effectively even under the most adverse circumstances. They are trained to work under high stress and difficulty and to never leave a mission before it is finished.
  4. Self-Direction: Veterans are trained to be resourceful and get the job done without step by step instructions and micro managing. When the mission is understood and the task handed to the veteran, you can trust that it will get done and completed quickly and efficiently.
  5. Ability to work in Diversity: Veterans are accustomed to working well in a diversified field of different ethnicities, cultures, religions and genders. This will avoid conflicts within teams and ensure mutual respect and commitment.
  6. Military Core Values: No matter which branch of the military a veteran comes from, all military core values are based on Accountability, Commitment, Integrity and Service before Self.  This will directly translate into your company profits.
  7. Time Management: Veterans have a strong ability to work effectively and finish their job in a timely manner. They are trained and accustomed to multitask and understand the importance of dedicating themselves to achieving their goals.
  8. Organizational skills: Veterans are trained to break down highly complex and multi faceted tasks into manageable parts that can then be easily delegated. They are trustworthy leaders for large projects which require extraordinary project management skills
  9. Ability to conform to rules and structure: Veterans work well within defined structures and are comfortable adhering to regulations within your company. You will minimize stress and maximize productivity as your processes are respected and followed without question.
  10. Highly trained specialists: The military offers unique opportunities for cutting edge, specialized training. When you hire Veterans, you will hire people with extraordinary skill sets and backgrounds that usually translate very well into a civilian job description. Some of those fields are: computer science, financial management, medical, engineering (many branches), administrative, personnel, technical mechanical or security fields

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